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mosaicism's Journal

alternative aesthetics

Graphics journal of enfluence.

Basically, I love making happy little pieces of icon, so please do not directly link to the images [which steals my bandwidth]. Crediting is appreciated, just so that other people can find out where to get some more icons like the one you are sporting.

I love taking requests. It means that someone trusts my instincts enough to make something for them. It would be appreciated if an image was provided, so that I don't have to spend time
searching the internet just to end up with a picture you don't like. Makes things easier for the both of us, really.

Other than that, enjoy yourself. Oh, and I love it when people friend this graphics journal, and especially when people take the chance to friend my personal journal. Because who doesn't love friends?

overshaded :: shaded_icons
plasticbuttons :: plasticzippers
regen :: bombayicons
gasmask :: fandomite
circulatory :: Circulatory Icons
If you would like to be added to this list, simply comment on any entry.

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